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Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson

Murdered on August 23, 1990

24 Years have passed and

Their Killer (or Killers) are still at Large

Help us change that!

Cheryl Henry

Andy Atkinson

24 Years have passed and not a day goes by that we don't think of Cheryl and Andy. 

24 years and we remain vigilant with finding their killers. 

As the years have passed, we have made progress.  We have DNA and we have a sketch of the suspect.  We also believe that there is someone out there that knows information that will help lead to more progress. 

We need your help to find that person. 

If you do know something, you can contact 713-222-TIPS.

We also ask that you contact Sergeant Paul Motard regarding any relevant information to the investigation.


Sergeant Paul Motard (HPD)

Phone: 713-308-3661

*All tips and leads are anonymous

These two amazing people were murdered over 23 years ago and their killer is still at large.

DNA from their murder is linked to another assault from 1990.  Just months before their lives were taken from this world another woman was attacked in Houston.  She was able to escape and is thankfully, still alive.  Despite the statutes of limitations expiring, making it impossible to arrest him on criminal charges for that specific assault - this courageous and heroic woman came forward to meet with a sketch artist to describe her attacker. 

Below is the sketch of the attacker and murderer.  Andy was 21 and Cheryl 22 - just beginning to explore life.  This man chose to attack, torture and murder Cheryl and Andy.  He chose to end their lives and possibly others. 


We need your help.  Do the above sketches of the suspect look familiar? 

The two above sketches are of the same man.  The top sketch is of what the killer looked like during 1990.  The second sketch is what we anticipate the man would look like today (20 years later).  He's described as in his late 20s/early 30s (in 1990), Caucasian, dark hair, dark eyes and 6ft. tall. 

If you lived in Houston in 1990, try to recall anything that may relate to this tragic night.

If you know of anything that may help lead to finding their killer please contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.  All callers are anonymous. 


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